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Mabille - Mabille (Mabie, Mabee, Maybee) Family, John A. Maybee
- Mackintosh / Mac Intosh / Mc Intosh; Descendants of Alexander-1 Mac Intosh and His Wife Clara Younkhause/Junghans, Frances Sterling Drisko, 1993
- Compilation of material
- Markle - Merkel; 10 Generations of Descendants of Johan Frederick Markle-Merkel of the Palatine, Germany, George Scott Miller, Jr., 1981-1991
- Markle Family; compilation of material, Don Markle, 2002
- Marsh Genealogy; Giving Several Thousand Descendants of John Marsh of Hartford, Ct., 1636-1895, Dwight Whitney Marsh, 1895
- Genealogy of Bruce Clifton Martin; Martin family from Catskill, N.Y. area and Genealogy of Shirley Neta (Finch) Martin; Finch family from Greenwich, Conn. area, Shirley N. (Finch) & Bruce
      C. Martin, 1960-1982

- The Kingston, New York, Roots of Kenneth Seward Mayer, Carol H. Mayer, 1997
- Compilation of material, including surname Oakley
- Samuel Merrihew 1847-1916; His Spouse Mary Elizabeth Embree 1849-1924; And Their Descendants, Mildred Louise (Merrihew) Yates, 1994
- A Historical, Genealogical and Biographical Record of Some of the Members of the Alexander McCreery Clan of the United States and Canada, William A. and Laura McCreery, 1976
- Source Citation Reference for The Ulster County Genealogical Society's Families of Ulster County; Volume VII; The Descendants of Anthonis Gherits Middach 1480-1997, Jack Middaugh,

- Middag Genealogy, Donald C. Donohue, 1993
- Middag/Middagh/Middaugh/Meddauth Descendants of Joris Janssen Rapalje, Jack K. Middaugh, 1994
- The Ulster County Genealogical Society's Families of Ulster County; Volume II: The Middaugh Family History, Jack K. Middaugh
- Middaugh Family Information, Carol June Warner
- Compilation of Pension Papers; George K. Mills, late United States Navy; Annie M. Mills, Widow
- Memoirs of The Reverand Doctor H. B. Molyneaux, Myrtelle Wheeler Molyneaux, 1995
- History; Genealogical and Biographical of the Molyneux Families, Zellie Zada Rice Molyneux, 1904
- The Montanye Family; Members of the Society of Descendants of Dr. Johannes De La Montagne (1595-1670), Huguenot Physician of New Amsterdam and Vice-Director of the Colony of
      New Netherlands, 1991
- Montgomery & Burke Genealogy, Jacquie Bierwirth, 1993
- Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson through Seven Generations, Revised Edition, Mildred (Mosher) Chamberlain, Laura (McGaffey) Clarenbach, 1990
- Mosher Genealogy, R.I. & MA, Kathryn E. Graham
- Abbreviated Mowris Family Lineages; Descendants of Samuel Maurits (Mowris) of Ulster County, New York, Circa 1700 to Circa 1900, George W. Mowris, 1982, Revised 1987
- Descendants of James Alan Murdoch
- Myer and associated families; compilation of material, Maggie Adams, 1986

—— N ——
Neikirk - Neikirk, Newkirk and Related Families, William Neal Hurley, Jr., 1991
Neikirk - Neikirk-Newkirk-Nikirk and Related Families, Volume 2, Being an account of the descendants of: Johann Heinrick Neukirch, Born c.1708 in Germany, William Neal Hurley, Jr., 1996
Newkirk - Compilation of material including newsletters "Newkirk Notes"
Newkirk - Newkirk/Nieuwkirk/Van Nieuwkercke; Compilation of material including family group sheets
Newman - The Newman Family; Descendants of Davis and Nancy Newman, 1780, Spartanburg County District, South Carolina, William Alton Newman, Sr. & James Wilson Newman, Sr., 1992

—— O ——
Osterhoudt - Compilation of material
Osterhoudt - Compilation of material
Osterhoudt - Compilation of material; update
Osterhout - Compilation of material; 1997 update
Osterhout - Compilation of material; revised August 2000
Ostrander - Genealogy of the Elias Ostrander Family and his descendants (Draft Copy), Vinton P. Ostrander 1980
Ostrander - Ostrander, Genealogy Workbook #7, Part I - Generations 1-5, A Work in Progress; Descendants of Pieter Pietersen/Oostrander & Tryntjie von de Lande, Shirley A. Krempel, M.A., 1994
Ostrander - A Genealogical Record 1660-1995, Emmett Ostrander & Vinton P. Ostrander, 1999
Ostrander - Ostrander Family Vital Records; Births, Baptisms and Marriages of The Ostrander Family in New York State and Nearby from 1660, Barbara Dahl & Emmett Ostrander, 1989
Ostrander - Compilation of material; gift from William Heidgert, 1982
Overbagh - Overbagh Ancestry, Shirley M. Overbagh & Theodore S. Overbagh, 1991

—— P ——
Palen - The Palen Family Record, Mary Pearson
Palen - Compilation of material
Pareis - Some Descendants of Peter Germain Pareis (Pierre LePareux) 1800-1867, Malden, New York, Barbara V. Mead
Parslow - Who The Heck Are We? A Parslow History/Genealogy, Henry Parslow, 1994
Pearce - The Pearce Family of Prudence Island, R.I., Charles Gregory Maytum, 1973
Peltz - Peltz Record and DeWitt Record, W. L. L. Peltz, 1948
Peltz - Peltz Record; Rev. Philip Peltz, D.D.; Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, W. L. L. Peltz, 1946
Peters - Some Ancestors and Descendants of John Frederick Peters and his wife Maria Louise Moses of Hoosick Falls, New York and Miscellaneous Peters and Moses Family Notes and Records,
      Dorothy Rudd DuMond, 1983
Post - Compilation of material
Pratt - Descendants and Ancestors of Dorothy Ella Miller & William Chester Pratt Sr., Dorothy Miller Pratt, 1999
Price - Price Family Records, J. Montgomery Seaver
Proper - Proper Family History; Including Prooper, Propert, Propfer, Propper and Proppert, Lewis G. Proper, 1996
Proskine - Their Lives and Ours, Julia Hortense Proskine Johnson, 1976

—— Q ——
Quick - A Genealogy of the Quick Family In America (1625-1942) 317 Years, Arthur Craig Quick, 1942
Quick - Descendants of George Quick & Caroline Holmes, His Wife, Virginia R. Byron, 2001

—— R ——
Reid - Wallace Reid, His Life Story, As Related By His Mother, Bertha Westbrook Reid, 1923
- compilation of material
- A Richtmyer/Rightmyer Genealogy (first three generations of the family of Conrad Rightmyer, Saugerties, Lawrence V. Rickard, 1991
Richtmyer - A Richtmyer Rightmyer Genealogy, Lawrence V. Rickard, 1993
Richtmyer - A Richtmyer Rightmyer Genealogy, Lawrence V. Rickard, 1999
Robinson - The Robinson Family of Ulster County, New York; James Robinson 1685 to Charles DePuy Robinson I 1959, Harold D. Lowry, 1996
Ronk - Descendants of Johannes Jury Ronk, Rhoda Voegelin Moree
Roosa - Roosa Family History 1660-1994, Charles W. Rosa
Rosenkrans - The Rosenkrans Family in Europe and America, Allen Rosenkrans, 1900
Rudd - Some Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Rudd, Jr., 1740-1818, and His Wife, Sarah Story, 1744-1842, of Bennington, Vermont, Dorothy Rudd DuMond, 1982
Rutenber - The Genealogy of Barbara Ann Rutenber, Peter Fifield Wells, 1995

—— S ——
Schielie - Decendants of Jacob Schielie 1710-2000; Sheeley/Sheely/Sheley, Carl D. Sheeley Jr, Terry L. Sheeley, 2000
Schoonmaker - The Schoonmaker Family; Descendants of Hendrick Jochemsz Schoonmaker 1624-1683, Nine Parts 1974-1996, Ruth P. Heidgerd, William M. Shoemaker II, Carol A. Johnson
Schoonmaker - The Heritage of The Children of Silas Schoonmaker and Deborah Carpenter, Ruth & William Heigerd
Schryver - A Schryver/Scriver Genealogy, including Schriver, Schriber, Scriber, Shriver, etc.; The Descendants of Albertus Schryver and Eva Lauerman 1683-1988, Jeannette Scriver Burch, 1988
Schryver - The Family History; Schryver and Henkle (Henckel); Bush and Stingley; Baumaster and Martindale, Barbara Jean (Schryver) Reynolds-Green, 1996
Scott - The Family of John P. Scott; Schutt-Scutt; Dircks, Jacobs, Jansen, Freer, Fredenburg, Boyce, Shaw, Patten, John P. Scott
Shepard - Shepard Family History, American Genealogical Research Institute, 1978
Shoemaker - Shoemaker Pioneers; A Guide to the Shoemaker Families of Colonial America; Benjamin H. Shoemaker 3rd, Robert Kay Shoemaker, 1955
Short - Descendants of Henry Short, Born 1614 in Walberton, Sussex, England, Joseph D. Short, 2000
Short - Short/Reynolds/Brizee, compilation of material
Sidman - Sidman - Sidnam Families of Upstate New York, Evelyn Sidman Wachter, 1981
Signor - The Signor Family; Sickner, Signer, Signor; James G. Brown, 1998
Simmons - A Hudson Valley Simmons Family, Henry & Linda Simmons, 1998
Simpson - Simpson, Jay H. Simpson, 1997
Sincerbeaux - A Sincerbeaux Family History; The Family & Descendants of Philip Sinsabaugh (ca.1727-1781) of New York City and Beekman, N.Y., Walter Corey
Slater - Ancestors and Descendants of Norma Alice Slater, New York - Florida, 1647-1992, Norma Slater Woodward, 1992
Slater - Ancestors of Charles A. Slater Jr. and Katrina Putnam Slater, and Descendants of Charles Adolphus Slater and Harold Putnam, Charles A. Slater Jr. & Katrina Putnam Slater, 1992
Slecht - Cornelius Barentse Slecht and Some of His Descendants, Lawrence T. Slaght
Sluiter - Descendants of Claes Claessen Sluiter and Cornelia Willems van Schuyven; Generations 1 through 6, Charles A. Slater Jr., 1996
Smedes - The Ancestors and Descendants of Mary Sherwood Smedes Poyner, Martha Stoops, 1994
Smith - compilation of material
Smith - Jesse Smith; His Ancestors and Descendants, L. Bertrand Smith, 1909
Smith - Smith/Roosa/Countryman/Perry; compilation of material
Smith - The Smith Family of Saugerties, Ulster County, New York; Genealogical Charts, C. Charles Smith, 1993
Snyder - Martin Snyder or Henry Martin Snyder and Some of his Descendants, 1698-1982, of Ulster and Albany Counties, N.Y., Viola E. Lobdell Moak
Soper - The New Soper Compendium, Earl F. Soper, Ed.D., 1989
Steen - The Steen Family, Jean M. Smith
Steen - compilation: The Steen Family; The Gosselin Family; The Langlois Family; The LeRoy/Roi Family, Jean M. Smith
Stone - The Stone, Ricks, Reynolds and Vosburgh Families as Related to and Researched by Evelyn Eugenia Stone, 1994
Stone - In Search of an Ancestry; The Stone-Shearmire Family History, Pamela Stone Eagleson, 1984
Sutherland - Sutherland Records, Douglas Merritt, 1918
Swayer - Swayer - Mathews Families of Central New York Stqate; Ancestors & Descendants and Allied Families, William Swayer Bergen, 1998
Sweet - The Lineage of Luella Mae Sweet; Volume I of a Genealogical Survey entitled My Family, Gregory G. Tongue, 1992

—— T ——
Tannery - The Tannerys, Young and Old; Descendants of Thomas Tannery of Huntington, New York and Other Tannery Families, 1724-1998, Ora Eugene Tannery, 1998
Terpening - compilation of material
Terpening - Ascendants and Descendants of Adney Hayden Terpening, Robert T. Borreson, 1981
Terpening - Direct Terpening Descendants of Two Dutch Immigrants to New Netherland, Robert T. Borreson, 1988
Terpening - Terpening Workbook, Don E. Terpening, 1984
Terwilliger - Terwilliger Descendants of Evert Dircksen, Ann Grove, Mary Jean Raines
Terwilliger - The Terwilliger Family in America, George B. Terwilliger, Myron L. Terwilliber, 1989
Tice - The Tice Families in America; Theis, Thyssen, Tyssen, Deis, James Strode Elston, 1947
Tilson - The Tilson Genealogy from Edmond Tilson at Plymouth, N.E. 1638-1911, with brief sketches of the family in England back to 1066, Mercer V. Tilson, 1975
Tilson - Tilson-Tillson Descendants; A Supplement to The Tilson Genealogy (1911) by Mercer V. Tilson, Marjorie Tillson Cross, 1978
Tongue - The Lineage of George Tongue; The Tongue Family of Kingston, New York; Volume II of a Genealogical Survey entitled My Family, Gregory G. Tongue, 1993
Tremper - Some Descendants of Johann Jacob Trömper & Anna Christina Welcker of Neuwied, Germany, and New York, J. Douglas Leith, Priscilla M. Tremper Leith, 1994
Tremper - Descendants of the Neuwied couple, Johann Jacob Trömper (ca.1670-?) and Anna Christina Welcker (ca.1675-?) from Neuwied, Germany to New York State circa 1719, Priscilla M.
     Tremper Leith, John Douglas Leith, 1996

Tremper - Tremper Family; Some Descendants of Johann Jacob Trömper and Anna Christina Welcker, Immigrants to New York ca. 1720, Priscilla M. Tremper Leith, 1999
Trowbridge - The Trowbridge Genealogy; History of The Trowbridge Family in America, Francis Bacon Trowbridge, 1908
Tyler - Tyler/Cole/Beaman/Enyart, compilation of material
Tyler - The Tyler, Thomas & Calkin Families of Massachussets, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania, Clark Leonard, 1996

—— U ——
Upright - Upright Family; Descendants of Hans Jory Opregt/Upright, Herbert W. Upright

—— V ——
Van Auken - Revised Index to Individuals and Families Named Van Auken and Van Aken, Robert A. Van Auken, 1995
Van Benschoten
- Concerning The Van Bunschoten or Van Benschoten Family in America; A Genealogy and Brief History, William Henry Van Benschoten, 1989
Van Benthuysen - The Van Benthuysen Genealogy; Descendants of Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen, of Benthuizen, Holland, who settled in Albany, N.Y., male and female lines; also, genealogies of
      certain branches of the Bleecker, Conde, DeForest, Lansing, Myer, Turk, Truex, Van Buren, Van Epps, Van Patten, Van Slyck and other families of Dutch and Huguenot origin in New York, Alvin
      Seaward Van Benthuysen, Edith M. McIntosh Hall, 1953

Van Bussum - The Early Van Bussums and Their Descendants, Virginia Mohler Garde, 1977
Van Campen - Contributions to the Family History and Genealogy of The Van Campen Family of America, Ulster County, N.Y., Branch, David A.D. Ogden Jr., Leroy De Puy, 1995
Van Campen - Contributions to the Family History and Genealogy of The Van Campen Family of America, Ulster County, N.Y., Branch, Volume II, D. A. D. Ogden Jr., J. H. Van Campen, R. A.
      Stowe, 1999

Van De Mark - Van De Mark or Van Der Mark Ancestry; Part I: Europe 700 A.D. to 1700 A.D.; Part II: America 1665 A.D. to 1942 A.D., John W. Van Demark, Walter B. Van Dermark, Kate
Koon Bovy, Loretta M. Hauser, Clarence E. Hauser, 1942
Van Demark - A Van Demark Genealogy; Martin Van Der Mark Line 1822-1988, Starting with First Generation in America, Ruth Van Demark Ford, 1989
van den Bergh - The van den Berghs in America, D. Wade Stockman, Robert L. Grunwell, Betsy S. Grunwell, 1994
VanDervoort - History and Genealogy of the VanDervoort Family; Old Dutch Stock; Descendants of the Fifth Couple Married in New York City; Family Line Trqced Down from the Time of Old Peter
      Stuyvesant, J. J. VanDervoort
Van Deusen - Abraham Van Deusen and many of his descendants with Biographical Notes 1635-1901, Charles B. Benson, 1901
Van Eaton - Van Eaton & Allied Families; Ancestors & Descendants of Levi Van Eaton (1796- ) & Joseph Van Eaton (1804-1882), sons of Isaac Van Etten/Eaton & Rebecca Renshaw, Steven Earl
      Coulter, 1974

Van Etten - Jacobus Jansen Van Etten; Some Ten Generations in America of Jacobus Jansen Van Etten - Immigrant, from Etten, North Brabant, Holland to Kingston, New York About 1663, Eva Alice
      Scott, 1952

Van Etten - Van Etten Beginnings and Endings; Marriage and Obituary Files, Elwyn R. Van Etten, 1993
Van Etten - The Van Etten Family of America from 1658 to 1972, Leslie J. Van Etten, 1972
Van Fleet - Four Centuries Americans: Van Fleet / Van Vliet / Van Vleet Family History 1634-2001, James A. Van Fleet, 2002
Van Garden - An Allied Family: Van Garden, Van Gorden, Van Gorder, Lois Stewart, 1993
Van Keuren - compilation of material
Van Keuren - Van Keulen/Van Keuren/Van Kuren/Van Curen; A Family History, D. G. Van Curen, 1998
Van Keuren - Index to Van Keulen/Van Keuren/ Van Kuren/ Van Curen; A Family History, D. G. Van Curen
Van Kleeck - Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches (includes Van Kleeck, Barringer, Kerr, Shufeldt, Avery/Every, Hill, Osterhoudt, Legg, Minkler, Myers, Van Keuren, Blanshan, Schepmoes,
      Traphagen, Burhans, Ploeg, Van Wagenen, Pels, Whitaker, Dorothy E. Smith, 1987
Van Kleeck - The Van Kleeck Family; An account of its origin, and a record of that branch of it represented by the descendants of Tunis Van Kleeck of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Frank Van Kleeck, 1900
Van Keuren - Van Keuren Family, Chester Van Keuren, 1990
Van Leuven - van Leuven, Audrey Van Leuven
Van Sickle - The Ancestral Lineage of the Van Sickle Family in America; a reprint of the genealogical section of the book entitled A History of the Van Sickle Family in the USA by John W. Van Sickle,
      1880, Gene VanSickle, 1987
Van Valkenburg - The Van Valkenburg Family in America; Genealogy of the known descendants of Lambert and Annatje Van Valckenburgh who migrated to New Amsterdam (New York) in 1642-44,
      Vol. I, Paul I. Van Valkenburg, 1976
Van Valkenburg - The Van Valkenburg Family in America; Genealogy of Van Valkenburgs who are not known, as yet, to be descendants of Lambert and Annetje Van Valckenburgh who migrated to
      New Amsterdam (New York) in 1642-44, Vol. II, Paul I. Van Valkenburg, 1977
Van Wagenen - Genealogy of the Van Wagenen Family from 1630 to 1884; Part First; Containing the first three generations of the family complete, and then following down the descendants of Aart Van
      Wagenen, the grandson of the first settler of the name in America, Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenen, 1884
Van Wagenen - The Genealogy of Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen of Wageningen, Holland 1637-1994, Carl S. Van Wagenen, 1994
Van Wagenen - Van Wagenen Genealogy, 1966
Van Wagoner - From New York to Michigan; The Genealogy of Jacob and Michael Van Wagoner, Jr. 1823-1984, Philo Woodrow Van Wagoner, 1985
Van Wart - Van Warts in the U.S.A. from Wouter (Walter) Through The Descendants Of Charles Van Wart Born 1802 In NJ And Mary Bulson Born 1810 in NY, Gladys V.W. Bartholomew, 2001
Van Winkle - The Van Winkle Family of New Jersey, New York, Kentucky and Ohio, Clark M. Leonard, 1996
Vedder - The Vedder Family in America 1657-1985, Edwin Henry Vedder, 1987
Veiley - Some Veiley Descendants; Vele/Vieley/Veiley/Vile/Viele, Stanley M. Howe, 1998
VerNooy - Compilation of VerNooy & Related Families, Nancy Ellen Elizabeth Coleman-Bello, 2002
VerNooy - Three Hundred Years of the VerNooy Family in America 1664 to 1964, Winifred VerNooy, Kenneth E. Hasbrouck, 1971
Viele - The Family of Viele; Viele Records 1613-1913; Being a Revised and Enlarged Edition of the Viele Genealogy published in 1909, under the title Two Hundred and Fifty Years with a Dutch Family
      of New York, Kathlyne Knickerbacker Viele, 1913
Vredenburg - Harris Vredenburg Child and Allied Families, Marian J. Newell, 1983

—— W ——
Wade - Wade/Crans/Eckert; compilation of material, Kerrie Taylor
- Walker/Demarest; The Ancestors of William H. Walker, Jr.; The Demarest Family; Volume II, Demarest Family Association, 1964
Waltermire - Waltermire Family Tree; The Descendants of George (Jury) Waldenmeyer; Emigrant to America, Herman W. Witthoft Sr., 1996
Weller - The Hieronimus Weller Family in America; A Genealogy of the family of Johann Hieronimus Weller and Anna Juliana Kunz/Cuntz of Zeppenfeld and Oberfischback, Germany from arrival in New
      York Colony in 1710, and settlement in Montomery, Ulster/Orange County, New York; Their descendants through the ninth and tenth generation as far as in known to date; With some background in
      Germany, Ralph H. Weller, 1999
Wells - William Wells of Southold and His Descendants, A.D. 1638 to 1878, Rev. Charles Wells Hayes, 1878
Werther - The Werthers in America; The First Four Generations and Their Descendants; An Illustrated Genealogy, Marion G. Phillips, 1988
Westbrook - The Westbrook Family of New York, William E. Westbrooke, 1976
Westervelt - Genealogy of the Westervelt Family, Walter Tallman Westervelt, Wharton Dickinson, 1905
Westfall - The Westfall Family in America 1642-1986; My Line of Descendents of Jurian Van Westphalen thru his son Symen, Robert W. Westfall, 1986
Wilklow - The Wilklow Family in America, Richard T. Halsey, 1986
Wilklow - The Wilklow Family in America, Richard T. Halsey, 1992
Wilklow - Wilklow Family Vital Records, Richard T. Halsey
Williams - Genealogy of the Williams Family, Frank D. Williams, 1938
Winfield - compilation of material
Worden - compilation of material
Wright - History of the Wright Family; Who Are Descendants of Samuel Wright (1722-1789) of Lenox, Mass. with Lineage Back To Thomas Wright (1610-1670) of Wethersfield, Conn; And Showing a
      Direct Line To John Wright, Lord of Kelvedon Hall, Essex, England, William Henry Wright and Gertrude Wright Ketcham, 1913
Wulfen - Modified Register for Gottvried Sebastian Wulfen Sr, Robert E. Vrbka, 1998
Wulfin - Gottfried Wulfin Family (Wolven or Wolvin), Bob and Beth Wolvin Vrbka, 1999
Wurts - A Genealogical Record of the Wurts Family; The Descendants of Reverend Johannes Conrad Wirz; Who came to America from Zurich, Switzerland in 1734; Also, A Record of the Ancestry of
      the Reverend Johannes Conrad Wirz, from the Thirteenth Century, 1889
Wyckoff - The Wyckoff Family in America; A Genealogy in Two Volumes; Third Edition; Volume One; Descendants of Nicholas Wyckoff, The Wyckoff House & Association, Inc., 1980
Wyckoff - The Wyckoff Family in America; A Genealogy in Two Volumes; Third Edition; Volume Two; Descendants of Margrietje, Annetje, Mayken, Cornelius, Hendrick, Geertje, Garret, Marten, Jan,
      and Willemptje Wyckoff, Eleanore M. White, Oliver N. Rathbun, 1983
Wynkoop - Wynkoop Genealogy in the United States of America; Also a Table of Dutch Given Names; Second Edition, Richard Wynkoop, 1878
Wynkoop - Wynkoop Genealogy in the United States of America; Third Edition, Richard Wynkoop, 1904

—— Y ——
Yaple - Jacob Yaple, One Of The Original Settlers of Ithaca and Danby, New York, Hollis A. Hatfield, 1995
Yaple - The Yaple Family in America; Ancestors and Descendants of 1753 Immigrant Philip Henry Yaple, Doris Yaple Geist, Roland W. Yaple Sr
Young - The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710-1946; Part I, Clifford M. Young
Young - Young; Part 2, Edwin H. Young

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