Ulster County Genealogical Society

  Business Meeting Schedule

10 a. m. on the fourth Monday of
January, April, July and October
Annual elections in October.

All members in good standing are encouraged to attend and participate in Society business meetings.

All business meetings are held in the Society research rooms (see Research Library).

Note: A member in good standing shall be defined as any Individual or Life Member whose membership has been processed by the Membership Committee Chair prior to the meeting date.

                                                                                                            Library Schedule

                                                                                    The Library will be open from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p. m. on the following days:

The library is open on the second Saturday and the third and fourth Mondays of each month, excluding December when the library is closed.
                       Second Saturday        Third Monday     Fourth Monday
January                 1/9/16                  1/18/16              1/25/16      
February              2/13/16                  2/15/16              2/22/16
March                  3/12/16                  3/21/16              3/28/16 
April                      4/9/16                  4/18/16              4/25/16
May                     5/14/16                  5/16/16              5/23/16
June                    6/11/16                  6/20/16              6/27/16   
July                        7/9/16                 7/18/16              7/25/16
August                  8/13/16                 8/15/16              8/22/16
September            9/10/16                 9/19/16              9/26/16
October                 10/8/16               10/17/16            10/24/16
November            11/12/16               11/21/16            11/28/16
December                closed                    closed                 closed

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